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Oculus has detected a problem with your graphic drivers

sethygsethyg Posts: 1
edited November 2018 in Oculus Rift + Touch
Hey guys, if anyone has had this same problem, would love to hear how you have fixed it.

I have a Geforce RTX 2080, AMD RYzen 7 1700x  and within the last 30 days oculus keeps telling me I have a problem with my Graphics Drivers. Here is what I have done so far:

-Followed each of these steps provided by Oculus (No luck)
-DDU and completely started over with my drivers
-Redownloaded Oculus software 

Nothing seems to work and im dying over here with frustration. Any help would be much appreciated 


  • Star-lizardStar-lizard Posts: 256
    Nexus 6
    Have you updated to the latest driver. It might not be an Oculus issue as I have a Zotac 2080 and haven't had an issue but looking at all the issues the rtx lineup are having (mostly the ti model)
    Have a look at these videos

  • Rod_BRod_B Posts: 4
    I have an RTX 2070 with the same issue!
  • iMadlyiMadly Posts: 2
    Same issue here 2080 i7
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