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Gear VR: Crashing Apps Issue That Keeps Coming Back Days After Repair

I want my life back

I'm at a complete loss as to how to solve the following problem. For the third time since I bought my Gear VR I'm finding myself not having any other option to prevent Oculus apps from crashing on start other than to wipe my phone and start with factory settings.

This is the biggest pain in the ass - and this is coming from a guy who already had hemorrhoid surgery. As much as I love the VR experience when it's working, wiping the phone clean is getting real fucking old real fucking fast  :'(

I know that this should be the last-resort fix, but I exhausted all other options every time this happened. The issue starts without any common precursor - I'd be using Gear VR without a hitch for days, and then all of a sudden, whichever app I happen to be using at the time the Banshee possesses the device, it simply crashes, and I end up looking at Oculus Home (Settings > See All option to be precise): 

After that happens, no other app will start. When I try, the app loads for a sec, crashes, and then I'm back, staring at the above scene (hey Oculus, nice rug, btw - that fold is making my OCD senses just tingling in nipple-hardening ecstasy... but I digress).

Recovery techniques tried so far:

  • Unplugged the phone from Gear VR and restarted the phone
  • Cleared cache and data of all VR apps, including Gear VR, Samsung VR, all Oculus system apps, as well as apps that reside within Oculus, then restarted the phone.
  • Did the same as above, but then also uninstalled all of the aforementioned stuff (except for “Gear VR Service” app - that one can't be uninstalled) and restarted the phone.
  • Did all of the above, as well as uninstalled any recently installed apps unrelated to VR, then restarted the phone.
  • Yelled, cursed, spat, threatened, begged and groveled, then restarted the phone. Nada.

The only thing that fixes it every time is a complete phone wipe.

Which is inevitably followed with a solid day of getting the phone back to a usable state - apps, settings, ringtones, killing notifications (which every app seems to have a dozen of), and missing out on sex. Cause, you know... phone stuff is that important.

But as of today I REFUSE to wipe my phone yet again. I sure as hell didn't buy Gear VR to become a sexually deprived S8+ repair tech, and the way it's been going, it's just gonna break again anyway.

I have a weird notion that devices I buy should work without sacrificing goats (besides, goat blood is notoriously hard to remove from furniture upholstery), so how the hell do I fix this the simple way? There has to be something I can delete; some corrupt obscure persistent little settings file that is just begging to be tortured with its bare feet over hot coals.

Any ideas?

-Comrade Ivan

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