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Nothing Half-Baked About Zombie Donuts Update

virtrodevvirtrodev Posts: 1
edited November 2018 in Showcase

Virtro Entertainment, a female-led immersive entertainment company, has announced today that there will be an update to their classic Zombie Donuts FPS VR Game. If you thought you’d had all the sugar rush you could handle - think again! Virtro promises even more delicious action-packed fun for all the family, available on both Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go.

Zombie Donuts is the shooter game with a difference. Get your bake-on as you dodge and shoot at evil donuts coming at you from all angles. In this 360 degree experience, armed with your trusty marshmallow blaster, it’s up to you to fight off these devilish treats before they get all up in your grill (and steal your precious points!) Master your aim and manage your ammo to score extra points with long, bounce and trick shots. Whatever you do, don’t let them touch you.

Players will notice an additional 3 flavours of Zombie Donut (cuteness overload), plus new game balancing and Oculus Go controller support.


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