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The ear piece of my rift fell off. What should I do?

ASexualTacoASexualTaco Posts: 1
On November 17th I was playing Gorn with some family and the left earpiece stopped giving sound.  A couple of seconds later it fell off of the headset.  I tried to see if I could reattach it by pushing it and I noticed really quickly that it wouldn't work because there was a screw and two "copper" pins.  I looked but the only way to screw the screw back in was by removing the panel on the side.  I would have removed that panel but I came to the realization that I would just do more damage.  I tried to tape it like an idiot and surprisingly it didn't work.  So should I try to send it to the company or am I just oblivious to the obvious solution? 

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  • KlodsBrikKlodsBrik Posts: 1,201
    Start by posting a picture perhaps ..
     Several people have fixed their headphones with what I think is a similar problem. A few pictures would be a great help to verify. :) 
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