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Performance issues/stuttering

EispfogelEispfogel Posts: 55
Hiro Protagonist
Hey there :)

It seems that no one else has this problem so i want to ask, if you have stuttering and crackling audio with your Go and if you had that, what did you do to get rid of it?

I now have my second Go and i thought that would fix things up, but it is just like the first.
games/experiences like Daedalus, Eclipse: Edge of Light, Smash Hit or others are stuttering and the audio crackles up quite often which is very distracting and kills the experience for me.

The stutters are reproducable in most cases as they always appear at the same spots, so it seems like this is directly related to i/o load. When i move from one loading cell to another in Eclipse it stutters(reproducable), but i don't see those stutters when i watch some gameplay videos of that game(played on a Go and not the Gear VR version). Same for the other games.
"Welcome to virtual reality" is REALLY bad once the space scene starts and it feels like the Go is about to burst.  

But others don't seem to experience this, so what can you do to make it a bit smoother? I know the hardware has its limits and there is not much i can do and some experiences are not optimized perfectly at all times, but just like i said..i can't be the only one...or i?

What have i tried:

- Test a second Go
- Performed Factory reset and test 1 game
- Disabled WiFi
- Fully charged battery
- Active cooling in front of the Headset
- lowered th brightness to a minimum
- use external power, active cooling, disabled wifi and low brightness at the same time - stutter remains


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