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HDMI not working. Is an external GPU needed?

jef.meijvisjef.meijvis Posts: 2
Recently bought an oculus rift with touch controllers.
During the setup however, I can't get my HDMI port to connect, as indicated by the Rift Setup software.
Some internet research and troubleshooting have lead me to the conclusion that my HDMI port might be connected to my internal Intel(R) HD graphics 630, and not to my other graphics card, a Nvidia GTX 1050. 

Is there anyone with experience with this problem?
Is there a possible solution to this? Would getting an external (and more powerfull) GPU via Thunderbolt be a viable solution?
Or am I really out of luck?

My laptop specs are:
Dell xps 15 - 4k screen
Intel I7 - 7700HQ
Geforce GTX 1050
Intel(R) HD graphics 630

Thanks in advance!


  • jef.meijvisjef.meijvis Posts: 2
    Also, is using a thundebolt 3.0 to hdmi convertor a viable solution? Would this give me HDMI acces to my GTX 1050?
  • RattyUKRattyUK Posts: 542
    Do you have a miniDP port on the laptop - if you are 'lucky' that may be directly connected to the GPU - an adaptor isn't a massive investment and may solve the issue.
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    Laptop: Aorus X5 V6-CF1 (I7-6820HK, GTX 1070, 2* 256GB M.2 NVME, 1TB 7200 HDD 3K screen)
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Yeah, I would definitely see if there is a DisplayPort on your machine. The external GPU is another option.
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