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Half of sculpt went poof after merging 2 layers together

tarosetarose Posts: 1
Hey there,
I had an issue with a recent sculpt, and was wondering if there is any type of recovery that can be made (doubtful) or if there is anything you all would advise for this to not happen in the future.

summary of events:
I had a larger sculpt I was working on and made a new layer to try out some smaller details. After deciding I wanted to keep the details, I merged the details onto the original layer. What I think happened, was the larger sculpt was merged into the bounding box of the smaller sculpt, causing roughly half of the original sculpt to disappear.

So what I'm curious about is:
1. Is there any way to recover this type of mistake? Or did the sculpt itself get entirely cleared. (i had tried undoing but I think it may have been too many actions before I noticed what had happened.
2. If there is no way to recover it, How do i go about properly resizing the original sculpt, as its now sitting on the edge of the bounding box?


After the merging mishap

Any info much appreciated! Thank you


  • DreamShaperDreamShaper Posts: 635
    Ya, this can happen, it's not supposed to clip, but that doesn't mean it won't.   If I remember right, you might be able to salvage by immediately hitting undo and saving, but it's been a while.  Problem is rarer now, and I usually save before doing anything that I think is going to be a risky merge operation. 

    As far as the sculpt being on the edge of the bounding box, you can go through and "center" the layers, at least the ones that are outside.  You can also use decrease resolution, which will give you a bigger bounding area automatically, at the expense of some detail.  The little white boxes that show up will give you an idea how "tight" the voxels are on the layer you're working with.

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