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Oculus venues and NextVR feedback after recent commercial

karrtoonkarrtoon Posts: 120
edited November 2018 in Oculus Go
For Thanksgiving everyone was asking me about the commercials they saw for the VR headset where they could watch NBA league pass games. Well I had it and we tried it out, here is my feedback for Oculus and Facebook..

It's very confusing to find where the apps are. I had to do a lot of research on google to find it. Second, the scale of the players and camera angles in the NextVR app aren't very good. The players look really small like mini people and others at our Thankgivings agreed. While the "felix and paul" studios videos look perfect 3D scale. The 180 degrees is totally fine though just needs the 3D scaled properly for average people. Hi-res streaming a must.

The Oculus venues app desperately needs stereo to add a 3D effect. Also everything really needs a resolution bump, after seeing Carmack's 5k videos it's hard to go back.

There is a ton of potential here but it almost feels like a missed opportunity. The new commercials make it look amazing and it overall works like that but there is a lot that can be improved (on software side, little mistakes, not even talking future hardware here). If I could have only only thing it would be full 3D in the venues app (at proper scale for average 64 IPD people)


  • przecinekprzecinek Posts: 596
    Nexus 6
     I didn't try watching the NBA but Football (Soccer) on NextVR seemed ok when it comes to scale, same with WWF wrestling and BTS interview with Damian Marley. So I guess it's down to NextVR to make sure their videos are to notch. 

    I did watch Wiz Khalifa concert in MelodyVR and it wasn't full 3D. I guess commercial was mostly focused on celebs rather than experiences.

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