How can I get my display to light up on my headset? — Oculus
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How can I get my display to light up on my headset?

I have not been able to complete the setup process. I get all the way to the screen that says "complete setup in headset". The little light inside is amber. It will turn white briefly when I close it out then open again but goes back to amber. In the setup it shows it connected. I have my tv plugged into the portdisplay and headset in hdmi. I have a dell inspiron 5675 with a AMD Radeon (TM) RX580 graphics card. When I open settings on the grahics card and go into display it does not seem to be detecting my headset display. I have windows 10


  • garylecureuxgarylecureux Posts: 4
    Well, i guess I have the answer to my question. I went on another site and it suggested going to the driver support page and there I found software for my card that will automatically detect the best drivers. I am up and running.
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