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GearVR - Oculus Video and Samsung Gallery bad quality (downsampling)?

kotysoftkotysoft Posts: 1
Hi there. I'm new in VR, and especially new in Oculus app.

My question is: why Oculus downsampling a video / picture?
I know, my phone resultion is too low for high quality, especially in VR (2560x1440), and I know, the 4K video is also low quality to be streched in 3D, especially when halfed to stereo.

But my main problem is:
Same video / photo, same phone (S7), same lens (GearVR2016) looks much sharper and better in a cardboard app (VR Media Player) - Ok, I agree the Oculus smoothness and gyro is perfect, but i don't understand why using lower res.

Same problem with 180dg and normal videos/pictures, where I expecting at least a pixel-to-pixel projection.

Also tried to render a single 3D photo to my phone native resolution (1280x1440 per eye), opened in simple gallery, and watched throught lens. The quality is better than others (Oculus or cardboard apps). So please don't say it is my screen limitation!

What can I do to use full resolution on my GearVR / Oculus? thanks
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