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black screen (but the orange light is working correctly)

vindarvindar Posts: 3

I have a problem with my rift: the screen suddenly stopped working and it now remains completely black.

I did a complete reinstall of windows 10. I updated nvidia's driver to their latest version but it still does not work.The sound on the rift works ok. The orange light does turn off when it detecting proximity. The oculus setup program thinks everything is fine and detects the rift and the sensors but  I cannot even complete the initial setup since the screen does not turn on during setup.

I tried unplugging and re-plugging the hdmi cable several times, both on the computer side and also on the rift itself. The cable itself does not look faulty (no physical damage that I can see). Is there a way to make sure of that ?

What can I do to solve this problem ? I do not want to lose my beloved kickstarter rift !
Thank you for your help.



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