Force Feedback (vibration) of the touch controllers is very noisy — Oculus
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Force Feedback (vibration) of the touch controllers is very noisy

Road-RunnerRoad-Runner Posts: 4
Is there a way to deactivate or reduce the force feedback of the oculus touch controller. Other people in the same room are annoyed by loud noises from the controller. I think even my neighbours can hear my controller through the walls during some games so loud noises are generated by the vibrations.

Basically there should be a function in the Oculus software to adjust the vibration level or to deactivate it completely. There are some developers who offer this feature in their games but the majority of them don't.

The beta from Steam VR offers the possibility to deactivate the vibration but in the Oculus settings I can't find this possibility anywhere.


  • Road-RunnerRoad-Runner Posts: 4
    In SteamVR you can unbind haptic feedback / vibration from the controller to turn it off but with games that run OculusSDK natively and didn't add the option to turn it off in-game you can't do anything.

    I personally always turn this off in every device i have, i don't like it (and my ears too, touch haptic feedback is loud compared to Vive wands) and my only option is to force games to run in SteamVR / OpenVR mode to have an option to do so and deal with several problems because of that. It should be available in Oculus Dash or somewhere else to turn it off globally in every app or game, just turn off the motors.

    I would love to have this option available.
  • Road-RunnerRoad-Runner Posts: 4
    edited September 10
    Here is an example of how loud my touch controllers can be.

    I talked to the developer of Eleven Table Tennis about it and he said the following:
    "i know back in the day there were 2 touch controller models around ones that worked fine in a certain regime of haptics and others that made a squeel sound"
  • h.r.gargih.r.gargi Posts: 69
    Hiro Protagonist
    Hmmm... my controllers (Quest) are noisy too, but not that way I can hear on your video. 
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