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Piggy back another headset

Philm1702Philm1702 Posts: 3
I would like to know if its possible to piggy back a second headset or to use something like drone fpv goggles with a 3d HDMI input to share the experience. One headset and sensors would be controlling the experience e.g. flying round in google earth, and the other would just be passive - like the mirror output to a monitor but 3d. My son has a rift headset so I wondered if I supply 5volts via the USB connector but dont plug it in to the PC so no data to cause condusion, and then give it a second HDMI feed from the graphics card - would it be an imersive experience for the second headset wearer? I had thought of just using FPV goggles such as the eachine ev200 FPV goggles because they have a 3d hdmi input for external 3d sources but I gather from researching online that rift video appears rotated through 90 degrees if fed to a monitor for some reason.


  • Philm1702Philm1702 Posts: 3
    Was this a bit a a daft question or one that is hard to answer? It doesnt seem to have attrected any comments. I can see 2 rift headsets into one PC causing a problem even with 2 graphics cards because the external sesnors would need to be able to tell them and the hand controllers appart. Its why I was wondering about FTP goggles with an HDMI 3d input instead. The second rift headset would still have the external leds on it even though no hand controllers or data connection to the PC and I though these might confuse the external sensors.
  • Techy111Techy111 Posts: 5,138 Volunteer Moderator
    Not a silly question mate just not feasible as both rifts need the gpu to project the image independently. So casting from one to another isn't possible.
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  • kojackkojack Posts: 4,826 Volunteer Moderator
    If you were writing the program yourself, mirroring the rift display to an ev200 FPV shouldn't be that hard. Easier than two rifts (which don't want to run from one PC).

    However if you mean making it work with existing software, that's harder. Someone would have to write a hack to intercept the frames sent to the rift then display them on another video out hooked up to the ev200.

    Philm1702 said:
    but I gather from researching online that rift video appears rotated through 90 degrees if fed to a monitor for some reason.
    The screen in the DK2 rift is a portrait mode 1080x1920 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen, mounted sideways to be 1920x1080. The screen actually wants video in portrait, so the video stream to the headset is sideways.
    (It's actually hard to get landscape mode mobile sized display panels if you don't have enough money to have them custom made, it's cheaper to get a portrait screen and use a rotator chip or send a sideways signal).
    The CV1 rift is different though, since it has two separate portrait screens. I've never seen the raw video out for that.
  • Philm1702Philm1702 Posts: 3
    Well now that gives me an idea. If I take two HD webcams and plug them in to a USB hub and take the output of the hub and piug it in to  the mini usb port of my phone and run a dual usb camera program from the play store I get to see the output of both cameras provided my phone support UVC protocol. Setting the cameras appart by the inter pupil distance and putting the phone into a set of VR goggles gives me 3d vision wherever I point the two HD webcams so..... What is the difference in the HDMI video format from my video card and the output of my HD webcams. If I could adapt HDMI to micro usb electrically would my phone be able to read a HDMI signal or even a 3D HDMI signal? If not what could I use to downgrade it to a more standard video format?
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