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How to watch 3d on YouTube

Crazy43DCrazy43D Posts: 2
I just purchased the Oculus Rift.  I searched the web and tried to find a thread on this forum and everything I try does not work.

Can I watch YouTube videos that are split screen 3D?  Several websites tell you to download the DEO VR ap then copy pasted the URL in the clipboard but the clipboard does not exist in DEO anymore. Every search result I find is a year or more old. I can only guess something has changed and the options are no longer available. Can someone help?


  • ohgrantohgrant Posts: 80
    Hiro Protagonist
    Virtual Desktop or Bigscreen. I just tried a SBS 3D youtube in Bigscreen and worked nicely. You do have to manually enable the 3D. 
  • Crazy43DCrazy43D Posts: 2
    That one I have not tried yet. Is that YouTube 360 or 3D?
  • ohgrantohgrant Posts: 80
    Hiro Protagonist
    SBS 3D. I don't think you are going to get their 360 working in Bigscreen, maybe Virtual desktop but the resolution in most 360 videos is unbearable to me. 180, like they film the VR porn seems to me to be the sweet spot as far as resolution.  There is a lot of free SBS 3D on Youtube that you can view but as far as their 360, I think we will need an app from them to get full support.  
  • KNP54KNP54 Posts: 228
    Nexus 6
    Try Skybox VR Video Player... They added youtube support recently.
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