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Buying a DELL XPS8930. Anyone upgraded to a GTX1080 non-oem?

MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 1,095
edited January 10 in General
I've done my research and this machine is both discreet and of good speed for VR gaming.
I know I can upgrade the cpu fan to the new DELL made upgrade to lower the loud fan noise and core heat by about 18degrees.
I read that the Secure Boot prevents a non-oem gpu card from even booting and so it must be turned off before changing cards as I have a EVGA GTX1080 SC2.
Anyone had trouble with this? I presume it can fit for the size and I prefer to save the cost of having to sell my own or wasting it in a spare PC.
Also it comes stock as a 460W PSU but I think the SC2 is more efficient? It only needs the 1 connector to work.
If any issue I'll probably get a 550W upgrade. Other than that does anyone use one of these and does it kick VR ass?!!!


  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 1,095
    edited January 10
    Hey Oculus I got a new DELL XPS 8930 i7 8700 (non k) 16GB 256GB M.2 SSD (for under £1200) coming to me!
    If this does not work I'll huff !!!
    OK so Dell Tech says the EVGA GTX1080 will indeed fit the case and I can firstly make SECUREBOOT=OFF in Bios whilst their GTX1060 card is still installed (they won't sell PCs without a gpu and don't alter the stock PC now and no pre-configs). So getting my own card working should be ok even though the PSU is 460W not 500W as Nvidia suggest.
    They admit they are still working on the heat/noise issues and will supply/fit the needed parts Fan KTDJC & Heatsink T57JF once I have the PC for warranty to be in place. Today I got 14% off which meant it was £150 cheaper than Curry's even with their 10% off! This is about the cost of the gpu I won't use plus I get the free upgraded parts which I wouldn't have got via Curry's own sales warranty!
    Hoping this all goes well. They now sell it with WIN 10 PRO 64 which I've always used but wondered if the Group Policy or other over-security measures were an issue for the Rift's installation lately. Will see!

    *I wanted the Black case anyways but the Special Edition Silver case has the upgraded Heatsink/Fan already but is only sold on Black Fridays and Thanks Giving. I'm just gobsmacked at Dell not custom building to our specs and especially not involving 9th Generation CPU & m/b yet.

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