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Superman style flying apps for Oculus Go

bryan.bennett.547bryan.bennett.547 Posts: 4

I do not presently own a VR device. I attended several of the VR Atlanta demos a few years back to experience directly the Oculus Rift and other VR devices. I am really interested in the VR experience as a way to possibly induce REM dreams of flying (and possibly lucid dreams). I am very unfamiliar with the available VR technology other than the very interesting VR experiences that I had at the VR Atlanta demos some years back.

I see now that the Oculus Go is capable of the VR experience without being connected to a computer. I am really only interested in using an Oculus Go right before bedtime so as to have a VR experience of flying (like Superman) over various terrains and/or through various environments since that would be similar to lucid dreams that I sometimes have. I was wondering if anyone could possibly recommend to me where I could find such apps that would simulate such an experience in the Oculus Go. I am not particularly interested in a game but rather in an immersion experience of flight. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 12,598 Valuable Player
    You may be better off waiting for the Oculus Quest. I have a GO and the Rift, and while the GO is very nice and convenient, it really only serves me well as a Media Entertainment device (e.g. Immersive Cinema, 360 Video, etc). But you want an immersive experience that helps trick the brain. In which case, you need to go beyond VR that relies on the Mobile SDK. If you aren't going with the Rift nor any other PCVR - which is currently the highest end VR experience - then Quest is certainly the answer you seek.

    I'm not sure that any VR product will help induce lucid dreaming out-of-the-box though. You will need to combine it with other practices to reach that level. However, with something like Quest or the Rift, the level of presence and immersion is sophisticated enough to where you don't need to dream about it; because your brain thinks it is living the experience right then and there.
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  • bryan.bennett.547bryan.bennett.547 Posts: 4
    I will definitely get the Oculus Quest when it is available. I appreciate your advice. Do you know of any apps that could be used on the Oculus Quest (or the Oculus Go) to simulate Superman-style flying or is too soon to say for the Oculus Quest? Thanks for your time.
  • bryan.bennett.547bryan.bennett.547 Posts: 4
    I will definitely try the 'flying meditation' from YouTube on the Oculus Go. Thanks for the advice. I apologize for my ignorance (I have not yet purchased the Go), but how do you upload a 'flying meditation' video to the Go from YouTube? Does the Go come with instructions on how to do this? I googled 'flying meditation YouTube' and found some great flying videos (just what I want to see in the Oculus Go screen display).
  • bryan.bennett.547bryan.bennett.547 Posts: 4
    That sounds great! Do you know if the Oculus Quest will also have a browser so that I can watch YouTube videos on it?
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