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Its December, any word on expanding the go's memory.

Katz63Katz63 Posts: 4
So has their been any break through on the US side of expanding the memory a more mainstream way or is it still the workaround method.


  • AU-UserAU-User Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    Only thing that works for me is using a OTG adapter but due to the Android restrictions write access is not possible.
    Still nice to just use a fast SD card with the videos you like instead of fiddling to copy them somehow onto the internal memory.
  • Katz63Katz63 Posts: 4
    well That sucks was hoping they would of added the feature of acknowledging a flash drive or even a large SSD.  I'll have to just keep using the multi rav.
  • cantennacantenna Posts: 17
    Brain Burst
    Hoping for this too.

    They could add "adoptable storage" as a solution but if they elect to do that I also recommend they provide/sell the storage for the feature as well otherwise, it's likely to cause a poor and volatile overall user experience.

    Otherwise, other solutions would require root access and xda dev tools such as as "Magisk" which I'm sure Oculus would never officially support.  
  • AU-UserAU-User Posts: 22
    Brain Burst
    Proper external storage access might not happen anytime soon.
    Right now Oreo only offers the way of a "shared folder" where the user has write access.
    For the rest Oculus would need to change a lot of permissions and take a slightly different approach.
    The default simply is internal storage only, any change from that is a headache thanks to the new "security" features in Android.
    What Oculus did was the easy way out and like some other manufacturers failed to the users need for external storage access, backups and customisations.
    We can't even use our own homescreen images LOL
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