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Better options and consistency in the store

AU-UserAU-User Posts: 22
Brain Burst
I do get the concept of making it easy for a user and why providing "suggestions" is so important.
But I also do get the feeling for a need to do without it from time to time.

Let me give you some examples:
I go in to the store to look for games.
The first problem is that not really much in this category could be seen as a game.
Short video clips, quickly ending demos when you thought you actually got a game.
And if you try to find the real thing for what you just encountered you end lost.
Even if you know the title (for me) it seems to impossible to just type it in somewhere to get the store link on the screen.
Looking for VR experiences is as bad IMHO.
For me a VR experience means I can interact with it, "experiencing" a 360° video clip is exactly that: A video but not any experience.
Confusing to say the least...
Sure I could remove some entries I don't need, like or want but what is the point in that?
I mean: The Playstore is far from being the most userfriendly store out there but at least I have a chance to find what I am looking for.

Customisation is something any users of Android devices like and often needs.
With that much different content available it would make sense to include options so a user can create a layout that fits his or her needs.
I would love to have my own categories on the homescreen.
A place where all my video players are, one for arcade games and another for shooting games or racing games, simulators of course too ;)
My apps would need proper sorting too.
Right now it is a game of click, scroll, click scroll until you get where should be able to get right away.
And even for those with a 360° cam it seems to be impossible to use their own "backgroound" for the homescreen and other sections.
My phone has a pic of my loved ones on it, my tablet a pic of my favourited fishing spot, my GO....

Everything is far too restricted for me to see it as a really user friendly device.

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