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Nvidia Drivers

Hi all,
Been having issues with random black screen (with sound) and then crashing out of the sim [rFactor2]. I am aware that previously that most have recommended using driver 388.59 as this was the most stable with the Rift. However, have just started seeing people commenting that Oculus are recommending using the latest Nvidia driver, but have been unable to find anything about this. Has anyone seen anything from Oculus with regard to which driver they are currently recommending? TIA 


  • LZoltowskiLZoltowski Posts: 6,561 Volunteer Moderator
    Not sure about official but I have found the 411.70 most stable for me at the moment.
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  • Mnementh13Mnementh13 Posts: 6
    @LZoltowski thanks. I have run 416.94, but never sure if it's the driver or my system. My W10 wants to keep changing the power plan from balanced to high performance and I am still trying to stop it - previous advice was that there is a power issue re the sensor USB which can cause the random black screen issues :-(
  • MarkocovaMarkocova Posts: 3
    I have the same problem with last NV gpu drivers 416.81,416.94 NV
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