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New varifocal VR tech

Star-lizardStar-lizard Posts: 256
Nexus 6
edited December 2018 in General
Quote from article

Verifocal’ VR Kit by Lemnis

Unlike Oculus’ recently teased varifocal headset prototype, which couples eye-tracking with a moving display that physically adjusts to your eye’s focus, Lemnis’ latest prototype in their ‘Verifocal’ platform is based on an optic following an Alvarez lens design; an optical system invented in the ’60s by physicist Luis Alvarez which combines two adjustable lenses that shift to serve up a wide range of focal planes.

I wonder how long will take to get to market 


  • kzintzikzintzi Posts: 1,032 Poster of the Week
    that's a VERY cool idea - it looks like it will be fairly light weight too..
    Though you are more than slightly incoherent, I agree with you Madam,
    a plum is a terrible thing to do to a nostril.
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