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Three dots after switching wifi

StuntpuddingStuntpudding Posts: 1
Hi, I am preparing 10 oculus Go's for a tradeshow without Internet using Showtime VR. To accomplish a network I bought a small router. Now I have installed all the Go's via my regular network to download the content, switched Wifi channel to the router and "forgot" the old network. Some of the oculus go's now show only three dots while starting up, like it is looking for something. Turning off works, just like the factory reset, but I do not want to re-install all ten of them. Is there any way to get around the 3 dots?


  • ManzalabManzalab Posts: 8
    A solution is to Pair again the Go with your Oculus App on your Phone or Tab. This action unlock the Go.

    best regards
  • marcojanmaatmarcojanmaat Posts: 1
    What is the cause of the three dots?
  • InnovaeInnovae Posts: 7
    Do you happen own several devices? I am experiencing this as well and I believe it may be happening due to having too many devices paired to a single Oculus account. In any case, I am still waiting for an answer as well...
  • graphicsmakergraphicsmaker Posts: 1
    I tried pairing after getting the never ending three button lock and the pairing numbers don't show up so I cannot complete the pairing and it's still locked. Any ideas? Basically, it's an expensive three dot display! 
  • PolypigPolypig Posts: 1
    Graphics maker, Maybe just Factory Resetting the Go
    (hold Vol - and POWER until a screen pops up saying reset)
  • MulticMultimediaMulticMultimedia Posts: 1
    Did you solve it? I have the same problem and it seems that was by a crash
  • VR-HouseVR-House Posts: 12 Oculus Start Member

    This article explains how to get rid of the persistent three dots that may appear on the startup of the Oculus Go or quest.

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