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Epic Roller Coasters - Rock Fall

Catmom808Catmom808 Posts: 1
HI everyone.  Does any one have this issue with their Oculus Go or Rift.  Playing the Epic Roller Coasters, you choose the Rock Fall game.  At the end, where you fall down into the water > you are suppose to sink down where there are Treasures, gold, silver, lots of colors, beautiful to look around.  But new in my case > when the roller coaster drops down, it just floats on all white water.  staying on top of the water, not sinking, it is all white around from the water.  No nice color, like I had before when I had another Oculus Go.  This new Oculus Go will not give me that beautiful ending I like to see.  I am just sitting on white ugly water floating on top!

Does any body else experience this in the Epic Roller Coasters - Rock Fall game?
The Developer is B4T.  B4T > I want to here from YOU!!!  PLEASE HELP ME OUT, B4T!


  • Gatorwv1924Gatorwv1924 Posts: 1
    Yes, I just got our go today, and the game is the same on mine
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