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Oculus rift in another room??

Ok so after Google searches I see so many things saying you can or can't well, confusion on what is or isn't needed.

Can someone please clarify if I can use an oculus rift in another room other then my pc room? It would be about 25 to 35 feet away. If this is possible can anyone recommend exactly what I would need to buy in order to do this?

Thank you!


  • TwoHedWlfTwoHedWlf Posts: 2,217 Valuable Player
    Theoretically, yes.  You'll just need to extend all your HMD's HDMI and USB cables and your sensor's USB cables long enough to reach.

    In practice, probably not.  The rift and sensors are very touchy about needing active extensions and sometimes you need to try multiple extensions to find ones that work.  Anything over about 5 meters and your odds of success drop rapidly.
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