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Audio within the Unity application plays in default users' speakers instead of in VR HMD headphones

Carolina_VRCarolina_VR Posts: 3

Im building a VR app using mainly Oculus Rift right now (but also developing for HTC Vive). 

It has always worked fine, having the audio of the app coming out of the headphones attached to the Oculus Rift, so I have never had to specify it. But, recently, when I play a video file within the app (both in playing form unity in the editor as from a windows Unity build), the sounds of the app starts to play through my default speakers in the laptop. If I plug headphones, the sound would come out of the headphones as usual, but never from the ones in the HMD, unless I set that option as default.

After playing the video within the app, any other sound I trigger through interaction comes correctly from the HMD headphones.

I cannot assume that every user would have set the rift as default output sound in their system, so I would appreciate some help and directions on how to set it from Unity.

PS: I have tried asking in Unity forums with no answer



  • HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,276
    edited December 2018
    As a player I had the issue a few times, like in "Pokerstars VR" some of the audio does switch to the Rift (like player voices and some of the sound effects), but some of the audio stays on the default monitor (background music, NPC voice, and the rest of the sound effects).

    Thing is ~nobody is complaining about it there, so :
    1) It depends on the computer.
    2) It doesn't always affect all of the audio.
    3) It's probably a software issue, rather then a hardware issue.
    4) From the developer point of view there's probably different ways (or options) to play a sound, some methods work and other methods don't (for a same player computer).

    Also I'm running a GTX 970 (common) on Windows 7 (rare), so it might be an OS issue, since few players are affected in "Pokerstars VR".

    I also had an even rarer issue on Steam with "The Brookhaven Experiment", where I had to manually click on the game's window at the beginning of the game, making it become the main front application in Windows, to hear any sound from it.

  • Carolina_VRCarolina_VR Posts: 3
    Thanks for your reply, it s interesting to know that it happens with games that are already out in the market.
    For the moment I guess I can warn my future players about setting the rift audio as default sound output. But Oculus should provide a solution for this issue at some point.
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