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{Serial#} does not appear to be tied to your Rift bundle

coin107coin107 Posts: 2
I had someone "apply for warranty" on my behalf earlier this year for a faulty touch controller since I'm outside the US. I say it in quotes because I'm beginning to doubt he actually did it properly, though he did send me back a new touch controller in exchange for the faulty one.

A few months later the replaced controller becomes faulty also. So I repeat the process with said person, except this time he tells me that Oculus Support team told him:

"While reviewing the information provided, {Serial#} does not appear to be tied to your Rift bundle. Have you had this controller replaced before?".

Obviously I had, he "replaced it earlier this year". But Oculus seems to say otherwise. My question is, does Oculus Support actually keep track of replaced equipment? could this be a mistake on Oculus' behalf? Or is the person helping me actually did not apply for warranty the first time and just sent me a new controller of theirs? How can I confirm either hypothesis?

Thank you.

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