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Only one HDMI on 1080ti, two different adapters not working

elpokodelokoelpokodeloko Posts: 1
edited December 2018 in Support
Hey guys, so I have an issue with my graphics card only having one hdmi port so I can't hook up my rift and monitor at the same time. I have two different HDMI to displayport adapters but neither of them work with my LG ultrawide (it will only display in 1920x1080p and not 2160x1080p) and neither of them work with the rift even though I have seen threads with other people saying it works for them. Is there a software solution to this problem or something in the settings I'm not seeing or that I'm not aware of? It sucks no being able to use my ultrawide at the intended resolution. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. 
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