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GTX 1060 Running at 100% Please Help

Hi. I just got the oculus rift today and I have a VR Ready Laptop. It is a Predator Helios 300. Its has a I7 with gtx1060 6g and 16g of Ram. My problem is as soon as i load into oculus home, my gpu hits 100% and its pretty much unusable. none of the free games work well because they are so laggy. the framerate in home just looking around is 16fps. my gpu temps are very low tho. Ive ran top tier games and they run perfectly at max setting but it does overheat a little. so i dont understand why the oculus doesnt overheat if its using so much of the gpu, but other games that use less get hotter. Is there something i am doing or some setting that needs to be changed? It should work fine, i get that the graphics may not be perfect but i should get better framerate tho.  Please Help. Thank you


  • LuluViBritanniaLuluViBritannia Posts: 368
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    Hey there,
    What do you see in the Task Manager? It should show what tasks are using the GPU.
    Also, make sure it is using the NVidia GPU and not the integrated graphics card. If it shows "GPU 0", it is the integrated card, which is why it doesn't work properly.

    You can also check the NVidia Control Panel. There, you should be able to make sure you use the GTX instead of the iGPU.
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  • sab0276sab0276 Posts: 5
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    I have had this same laptop for over 6 months.  It is primarily my VR gaming laptop I use for my motion racing sim.  It ran VR no issues until recently (just under a month ago).  I now have the same problem as you.  As soon as Oculus home loads up it pegs my GPU at 100%, frame rate is in low 20's and super choppy.  I checked to make sure it is using the GTX card and not the integrated one.  I can play my games (mostly racing) without VR and will have no issues with quality or frame rate.  I hooked my Oculus up to my PC with a GTX1080 and no issues, so I'm not sure what is up.  Guessing it must be an update issue with either Oculus or the laptop.  Everything is updated to latest, so there must be a bug in one of the updates.
  • sab0276sab0276 Posts: 5
    edited December 12
    FIXED!  NVIDIA just came out with new drivers today that fixed it.  It looks like the previous driver from beginning of December had an issue.  
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