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What is the latest/standard tutorial/method to build apps for GearVR? I want an all in one tutorial

CostaP1CostaP1 Posts: 11
I cant seem to find many new/official, popular tutorials online. 
Now, I have all this setup on my own PC that I did about a year ago. And have already built for the GearVR. But it was not a comfortable experience setting up.
Now I need to do it all again on another PC for a company. Has the tutorial/steps changed? Is there something you used to install that you dont need anymore, or settings you dont need ticking? e.g something with Android Studio, is it just install and thats it? 

I believe I need the latest JDK, Android Studio (what settings need ticked when its downloaded?) and the OSIG file. But there must be a tutorial that says what else needs installing and what steps?
I want an official tutorial like an all one. Atm I am find bits here and there and it just making setup confusing!.

I see this:
But it doesnt mention steps about finding the JDK path in Unity, only Android SDK. It also doesnt tell you what needs to be ticked in Android Studio.
It also doesnt mention where/how to get the osig file. I know how to do this but still, I want an all in one tutorial!!

Nothing mentions what needs to be installed on the Samsung phone itself either, which I know is what I did a year ago.

Thank You
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