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Downloads and streaming

Aech8Aech8 Posts: 1
I've got the DEO VR video player from the Oculus store, but I can figure out how to stream or download. When I click stream, it tells me to cut and paste. When I hit download, I have to sit there for an hour while it downloads, then it never does. I CAN play the videos on web view, but I must be sacrificing video quality. How do I download (successfully) without having to wear the headset for an hour or stream using the DEO VR video player?


  • DeoVR-SupportDeoVR-Support Posts: 4
    Sorry for late response. Unfortunately streaming in DeoVR is not available yet, since there is no support for deeplinks yet so currently your only option would be playing local files. We are updating the app which would allow you to stream, but I am not sure when exactly will be released. As for downloading, I guess there is an option to download on your computer and copy it to your device via cable.There were also some changes made for WebVR which improved the performance of the player but it still has issues with frame dropping. This is also a common problem for all the WebVR's on Oculus Go. 
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