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Rift randomly disconnects

I just got my oculus rift + touch and the rift is giving me some issues. It will randomly go black and I can't get it to go back on until I close the application and turn it on again. I don't have guardian set up so it isn't that. Sometimes my computer makes that disconnect/connect sound too which is coming from the rift.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • dburnedburne Posts: 1,760 Valuable Player
    How do you have your headset and sensors connected?
    PC Specs?

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  • phoenixdigitalphoenixdigital Posts: 161
    Could you try a different USB port for the Rift?

    It sounds like the USB host controller is struggling to supply enough power to power the Rift. Eventually it craps out and restarts the chip (causing the disconnect/reconnect sound).

    Maybe a different USB port will be up to the task. Try more than just one. Also for testing remove all non Rift USB devices (apart from keyboard and mouse).

    See how that goes.
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