Visual distortions Green and Pink Polygons — Oculus
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Visual distortions Green and Pink Polygons

JiyaShivaJiyaShiva Posts: 1
I'm running Rift on Win10 i7-8700 Z390 pro wifi mobo GTX 1080

While playing Brass Tactics another visual layer appeared on top of the normal visuals. It looks similar to the image on the screen when a VHS tape is being played in fast forward (squiggly distortions and white and black dots on a quickly alternating white and black background) also there are light green and light pink polygons (mostly extended triangles) and vertical columns moving around the screen. I uninstalled my video driver and then installed todays release of the GeForce Game Ready Driver 417.35 12/12/18. The strange visuals persist in the headset at all times. Ideas on how to remedy this will be appreciated.

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