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Oculus Rift Disconnects When Using SteamVR

IBSDMercyIBSDMercy Posts: 2
Hello everyone. So after many many hours of troubleshooting what the cause of my Rift to randomly disconnect and crash the current game I am playing, I've discovered that it only happens when playing a game from SteamVR (I have tested SkyrimVR and Rec Room) as well as my Rift only disconnects when doing rapid movements. In Skyrim I would hack away at an enemy or dead body and in Rec Room I would hit another player over the head with an orange cone. I have the latest version of Nvidia drivers 417.35 and SteamVR is up to date along with Oculus Home. Does anyone have any suggestions for a possible solution to my issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • IBSDMercyIBSDMercy Posts: 2
    SOLVED: My usb 3.0 active extension cable was not capable of delivery a constant throughput of 3.0 speeds, causing my Oculus Rift to momentarily lose power. My theory is that SteamVR requires a higher power delivery than Oculus Home. Most likely because SteaVR needs to comunitcate to Oculus Home then to the Rift whereas using Oculus Home, it is in direct conection with the Rift. What's also interesting is I can still use the "bad" usb 3 extension for one of my sensors and it is having no troubles at all and stays connected via usb 3.0 the entire time. As well as the two extension cables I swapped between my headset and sensor are the exact same brand and I bought them at the same time. So for anyone reading this in the future please stay away from the CableCreation usb extension cables they may or may not work for you.
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