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Wifi speed cap?

truth1nesstruth1ness Posts: 2
The Oculus Go seems to be capped at ~22-28Mbps download speed, far below what other devices on my network are getting both on wifi and internet.

I have 300Mbps internet and wifi. All other devices (laptop/phone) on my network get consistent 300Mbps downloads with both internet ( and local wifi speed tests, so neither wifi nor internet are the bottleneck. 
Go's wifi settings show Signal strength: Excellent, Link Speed 866Mbps, Frequency 5Ghz. On my router it is showing 5G and Connection Type: 802.11ac. 
I am 12 ft from my router and have a clear line of site. There is no difference in speed between the 5G or 2.4G network.

It makes no sense that every other device on my network is getting 10x the speed of my Go. Is this some kind of software speed cap?

Another user noticed a similar speed cap here with 28.3Mbps on his go vs 140Mbps on other devices so it's not just me.

Another user experiencing a similar limit side loaded a local wifi speed utility and was able to get 348Mbps in the utility. So clearly the hardware supports 300+Mbps but something seems to be capping speeds in all the official apps.

So is this some sort of system wide speed cap that only sideloaded apps aren't subject to? Do you get a similar speed limit compared to other devices on your network? 


  • jpcarsonjpcarson Posts: 3
    I have a samsung galaxy S7 and a home network that gets 300 Mbps to the router/LAN and, generally, about 150 Mbps to my phone and iPad.  When using the Gear VR, I cannot get more than 20 Mbps,   I asked Oculus Tech Support to tell me  the design  download speed of oculus  and they would not or could not.
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