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Can't Install Oculus SoftWare.

NyxForestNyxForest Posts: 1
My Friend got oculus rift today, in South Korea.
So, he Trying to install Oculus SoftWare but somehow it stopped at 5.18gb/5.19gb
and then error has appear.
it says "Restart computer" or sometimes "Check Connection".
He try everyway to fix this error.
Disable window defender, anti-virus... and solutions on this forum..
even re-installed window10..
but same problem has appear.
How we can fix this?
I will upload log here plz help!


  • Ninety9JewsNinety9Jews Posts: 5
    Having the same issue here in America as well
  • kairyukairyu Posts: 2
    not working can i refund it?
  • roleplayerroleplayer Posts: 1
    Having same issue in Australia
  • ReetavirpReetavirp Posts: 8
    New 5gb patch fix only comes back with error " Restart Computer ".... hmmmmmm, I don't know much about computers but I reckon I could get a job at Oculus as a Dev.
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