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sensor shows connected to usb2.0 even in usb3.0 port

WendellHuangWendellHuang Posts: 3
So I've got 3 sensors, 2 of them are directly connecting to the usb3.0 ports on both sides of my Alienware 17R4, the last one was connected via a extended cable(usb2.0), somehow they all shows 2.0 during the setup. Overall it works well, but sometimes it could be a little choppy when I playing Onward.

I've got all drivers updated.
I've re-installed the oculus app many times, because of some other issue.
The sensor were shown normal(3.0;3.0,2.0) half a year ago when I first set it up, then I didn't play it for a while, but all devices are store well in the box

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