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Beat saber won't update

Hey, about a month ago I have bought beat saber in the oculus store. Things are working nicely, the updates are great. Except the most recent update, 0.12.1, just won't install. The oculus program simply says "couldnt install, please contact occulus support". Anybody knows whats going on?


  • DenisJrLambertDenisJrLambert Posts: 1
    Same problem for me.....
  • WolfgangWaltenbergerWolfgangWaltenberger Posts: 2
    To add to the thread, I did not do any modifications, add my own sogns, or anything. Always played it as intended.
  • basilmillbasilmill Posts: 3
    Well, my December 16th update downloaded and installed fine, but my Dec 24th update (which supposedly has some new songs) won't download and update.  Anyone know anything about the reason for the beat saber update issues?
  • Slimbo604Slimbo604 Posts: 1
    Mine won't update, from 0.12.1 -0.12.2. Neither will onward, they're the only games that won't update. 
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