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My sensors just don't work and I haven't used them

SxvxrSxvxr Posts: 1
I've been wondering if I am eligible for a refund or if someone can help me. For my birthday, on August, I got an Oculus rift. It worked when I set it up at my cousins perfectly with no issue. I then went to my house and Set it up. The sensors don't work. The main issue is the tracking of the sensors. I've done everything such as going into sensor bounds to see if there is an error. Nothing has worked. I'm wondering if I could send my Oculus Rift back and get a new one or what exactly I can do.


  • kojackkojack Posts: 7,054 Volunteer Moderator
    Do you mean that the setup program can't detect the sensors or that the software thinks everything is working but they just aren't tracking anything?

    If the former, how far did you get? Did it detect the sensors on the usb ports? Did it show them in the overhead view where you have to hold the trigger to locate the controllers?

    If it's the latter, make sure there's no bright lights (sunlight from a window, other light sources). The Rift uses infrared lights to do tracking, usually you won't have much of that indoors, but some light sources could confuse it.
    (Candles in particular give off enough IR light that Wiimotes can track them as a fake sensor bar)

    Make sure you submit a ticket at to so someone from Oculus can take you through the troubleshooting steps.

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