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exporting alembic/FBX and keep the colors

gattocerbergattocerber Posts: 1
hey all,
i am trying to export a drawing from Quill and import it into Blender 2.8. i assume that after i import the model I would be able to see the colors that the character had in Quill, but it's just plain grey. am i missing something in the process? is that even possible? 

thank you!


  • kojackkojack Posts: 7,056 Volunteer Moderator
    In Blender 2.79:
    It depends on the viewport shading mode.
    In Solid mode (the default), it will appear grey.
    In Texture mode, you should see the colours.
    In Material and Rendered modes, you need to add a new material to the mesh with the Vertex Color Paint checkbox ticked (it's down in the options section of the material properties).

    In Blender 2.80, I can't find a way to get it to work. Even saving a working scene from 2.79 and opening it in 2.80 results in the material not having vertex colours.

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