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Program Run Error Please Help

carneyman1carneyman1 Posts: 1
I am getting the message. " We'er having trouble staring Oculus , Your Oculus software may be updating. Please wait a minute and try again. If the issue continues, contact Oculus support" and then it goes on that i should try in a min. So iv'e now waited 5 days and have contacted tech support though a ticket which they are trying to be helpful but i've only gotten one email so far as they are pretty bizzy (understandably) and was wondering is any one else has this fixed. 

Here is what i've tried
1. Check services, There where running and automatic
2. restart services
3. restart computer
4.Run everything as administrator
5.delete everything that has the name Oculus and reinstall, i've done this 8 times now
6. Install the March patch
7.Reset the PC keeping files.
8. Try to use a different User on the Computer. 
9. Make sure there only letters in my windows user name
All of these fixes i tried do not work unfortunately and i would really like some help

I have a pretrty high end computer with a radon 580 8gb, I5-6500 3.20gh, 120 SSD for C, 4tb of other storage, 16gb of ram and for the second monitor a cheap Nividia 8400gs
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