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Asks to update to latest drivers, but i'm already up to date? (SOLVED)

PlasmicNeonPlasmicNeon Posts: 2
edited December 2018 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
Just got my rift for Christmas and i'm trying get things set up. It says I need to update my drivers before continuing, but my gpu driver is up to date. I have a MSI RX 480 and the driver version is 17.7.1. I'm also on Windows 8.1. What do I do? The radian settings says the driver is up to date, even on the amd website.


  • PlasmicNeonPlasmicNeon Posts: 2
    Welp, AMD had updated drivers for windows 7 and 10, but not 8.1. So i downloaded the windows 7 drivers and it works now.
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