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Minecraft with Touch - suddenly controls are different

bobarhett13bobarhett13 Posts: 19
Was there an update that messed everything up?  I've been playing official Minecraft VR on the Rift since it began.  For well over a year I have had no issues.  Lately, I notice when loading Minecraft through Oculus Home it will crash during the load.  Sometimes it runs.  Then in game, my double tap of the A button results in flying (as usual), but double tapping A again doesn't let me fall.  In fact, I can not make my character return to the ground.  If I press X to descend, I am still hovering even if I touch the ground; I can not jump after this.  Checked out the controls and realized they are stuck on Xbox buttons.  Can't change them either.  Never had this issue before.  Uninstalled, reinstalled, updated latest Nvidia drivers, nothing works.  It seems like something has changed.  

Has anyone else had issues within the past few weeks?


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