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How to sign an oculus Go Unity App, really ?

PiflyonPiflyon Posts: 21 Oculus Start Member

This message above is driving me crazy.
I can not find a real answer to the question in the title of this discussion. Yes, google it ! All you find are documentations throwing you here and there.

Nothing here :
Nothing here :
Nothing here :
OutDated : (talks about a package name that does not appear in the manifest).

-> I have already released a full game for Oculus RIFT.
-> I'm porting it to Oculus GO.
-> The App works great in Oculus Go when I Build & Run it from Unity
-> I'm NOT in developpement Build in Unity>Build settings
-> I HAVE a package name in player settings>Other settings
-> I have removed any OSIG file (even if I don't know what or why)
-> I have made tools>Oculus>Create store compatible androidManifest (now exists in assets/plugins/android/assets)
-> In player settings>Publishing Settings I have tried "use existing keystore" and "create new keystore" and typing any password

Nothing works, and by the way, seriously, it is already too much stuffs !
What do I miss ? I even have a Google Play Store Dev account, but there I don't find anything that helps.

Do I need to go into Android Studio ?  I tried many things in Android Studio but as I don't know this tool, I'm not sure of what I should do. I tried Build>Generate signed apk, but there is 2 choices : Android App Bundle or APK. The first one throws an error saying I have to update gradle plugin, and the button to update it does nothing (I've searched how to update gradle, but this is a new ocean of crazyness). The second creates a ".jks" but I can not put it in the keystore field.

Can someone Help me ?
Thank you.
Who sadly spends more time googling than making games...
Unity 2018.3.0f2, Oculus Integration 1.32 (I guess, updated it 1 hour ago from asset store, there is nowhere the version information exists in assets folders).


  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,047
    It seems to be a Unity problem, not an Oculus one. Try Googling Unity things. For example............

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  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,047
    Piflyon said:
    Ok, thank you Richooal,

    No problem I "like" to help.

    Piflyon said:
    Hope that will save time to others. If yes, like me ! :blush:

    Hmmmm, me too @Piflyon :o

    i5 6600k - GTX1060 - 8GB RAM - 0 PROBLEMS
  • dmarfurtdmarfurt Posts: 2
    Piflyon said:
    Ok, thank you Richooal, that leads me to a new track, then I finally got it to work.
    You saved me. Thanks Piflyon!
  • jrosenquistjrosenquist Posts: 3
    That is totally insane. Thank you thank you thank you.
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