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why cant i download the oculus rift setup in a different system drive

I got my rift today and I tried to install the rift setup but it says that it needs storage in the C: drive. I did what the oculus support page did and I told be to windows+ R and type a certain thing in. I did and of course it didn't work. so now I have another problem where my pc only has 1 hdmi port and its for my monitor. nice job Alienware. my pc is oculus ready. now back to the system drive. I typed it all in and it didn't work. I cant delete anything rom my storage because it wont delete. as you can tell im probably  mad at about this point. I will try to contact oculus support but I know they will say the same thing as the support page already did. They will then ask the same questions and then it would be a waste of time at that point. if anyone has the same problem as me plz tell me and help me out and I would be thankful.
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