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Why can't I "Enter" VR on the Oculus Go headset?

Mac6737Mac6737 Posts: 5
This device worked fine on and after Xmas.  Then we downloaded our first app ("Nature Treks").  After that, the device is totally unusable.  Turn it on, headset connected to iPhone, battery fully charged:  hold down Oculus button at the prompt, and the screen goes blank -- and stays blank!  Repeated attempts.  There must be something we don't know.


  • Mac6737Mac6737 Posts: 5
    Nobody answered this, but after a while, Oculus tech support responded -- helpfully and thoroughly.  But I never had to do what they recommended ("factory reset"), because on yet another reboot, the headset miraculously responded.

    I am not a happy camper.  Good thing this is a toy Santa brought me (at a cost to Santa of a mere $200, give or take). 

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