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Weird issue with VR and hosting a server in Assetto Corsa

Mr_FulgoreMr_Fulgore Posts: 2
Hi all,

Got my Rift now about 6 weeks, daily racing offline in practise and some quick races and using Content Manager and good and bad weather mod

No issues at all but Tuesday I wanted to host a Assetto Corsa server on my own pc to have some fun with friend, started on Spa, few round and cars, all good, than suddenly next track I can drive, but wanted another car and than it started over and over.... I load the track, I see my car on the monitor ,put the headset on, nothing ,only sound from the car and game but the headset was still in the "home" environment with the fireplace, I tried directly offline practise,all fine, go back online to my own server,again only sound, online racing on other people have no issues,

Tried many things ,reinstalling drivers, resetting hdmi and usb cables, have a triple monitor setup, disconnected two monitors

Repair Oculus, uninstall Oculus, nothing that helped me out this weird issue,

Windows 10 1809 installation is about 2 weeks old..

On the internet read simular issues but mostly on windows 7 machines,and all the things above fixed it for those people..

So in short, only happens while I host a server and use VR = no game on headset,only sound and see the game on the monitor.

Regards Fulgore


  • aggregatefeveraggregatefever Posts: 1
    I have the same issue, haven't found a fix unfortunately 
  • Antony061Antony061 Posts: 1
    Hi guys,

    I have exactly the same issue. If I start my server and directly join it, all work fine, but if I quit the server and join it again, I still on the "HOME" place and Assetto Corsa VR work only with the monitor.

    The only way to bring back images to the headseat is to kill Assetto Corsa Server Manager and acServer.exe process.

    I think the Rift confuses Assetto Corsa servers tools and Assetto Corsa game so It can't make a choice between them.
    You got me ?

    Please make an update because I have to kill my server and kick everybody on to play my turn...

  • federicogianfredafedericogianfreda Posts: 1
    Hi guys,
    i've exactly the same issue....
  • ElkyroxElkyrox Posts: 1
    Hi, guys. I'm in the same situation as you are... 
    Thanks to anthony061 for this temporary solution.
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