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Oculus Store

Geoff-911Geoff-911 Posts: 2
Why is the Oculus Store so slow to update its games/ apps list there are games on Steam that I want, but want to get them on my Oculus account, but weeks/mths and still no show, Games like Contractors and Zero Caliber.
I know they early access but still they should come to the oculus store too. 


  • MikeFMikeF Posts: 474
    Its up to the developers of the applications to submit to the oculus store. Steam has nearly no technical  requirements for accepting new vr games so its much easier to start there and move to oculus home when exiting early access.
  • Geoff-911Geoff-911 Posts: 2
    edited January 4
    Cheers for the reply Mike, nice to know in one way but I think it`s in the interest of all to get games/apps and demos out there, Oculus has early access in there too just a shame the devs dont push it out to everywhere.
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