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HDMI issue, (seems like everyone has it)

i just wanna start of saying its amazing on how many people have this issue and there's still no fix, almost 2 years, people spending hard earned money to play a vr game and having hdmi not connecting, i only got to play my VR maybe 2 times, everything else is a hassle. never know when one day if its gonna work or not just a really shitty system they got going on i reinstalled windows 2 times, deleting my games reinstalling the program, pushing back my drivers. tried multiple hdmi adapters, usb 3.0 adapters etc, even borrowing my friends oculus cables and and still nothing. this is really getting ridiculous I've done just about everything i went through 3-5 pages of forums on how to fix this and nothing has worked 


  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 959
    Mine has worked well since I got it.
    I've seen so many other people with problems that I think naming it "Consumer Version 1" was a bit of a stretch. It's a very temperamental bit of hardware with software to match.

    Maybe should have been..........
    Developer Kit 1
    Developer Kit 2
    Enthusiast Version 1
    Consumer Version 1
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  • Moto13kMoto13k Posts: 25
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    I've not heard of this and i don't know anyone with HDMI connection issues. It sounds like you have a PC problem.  First and foremost, stop using any type of HDMI or USB adapters.

    What kind of PC? What CPU? What brand & model video card are you plugging this into? Can you plug a monitor into this sami HDMI port and it works?
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  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 1,360
    Use a DP>HMDI Adapter (4k type) to Rift then Monitor to the HDMI.
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