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When will Oculus Store Gift cards be Available? or the ability to Gift Games/Apps?

Marcus-INVRMarcus-INVR Posts: 1
With the rise of Rift/Go users in my family alone I find it hard when all they want is a game/app for the Rift or Go. I currently have no way of gifting it to them with having to buy them a Visa Gift card. This method is tedious as most of these gifts are for children and young adults. Oculus, Help us help you spread the love of VR.


  • edostmannedostmann Posts: 10
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    Yes, please! We neeeeed a gift option! I want to gift experiences so bad.. so far the only modern, convenient way is via steam, and only if they're on steam and you're friends there too. :s
  • edostmannedostmann Posts: 10
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    Just remembered: even Frontier, the developers of Elite Dangerous, have an option to gift things inside their launcher! You don't even need to be friends with the one to be gifted, you can just send the gift via someones email adress! Amazing, how much bigger Oculus is ought to be in comparison to Frontier.  :/
  • edostmannedostmann Posts: 10
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    Yep, it's flabbergasting. Please implement some gift option, Oculus/facebook.
  • Kapt-KrunchKapt-Krunch Posts: 21
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    Prepaid oculus cards would be awesome! Could save me alot of headaches from the wife when she see's the bank statement!
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  • max.angelo.7393max.angelo.7393 Posts: 1
    edited October 2019
    We need this!
  • EpoxianEpoxian Posts: 26
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    +1. #libra
  • JackklosJackklos Posts: 1
    I hope oculus will be able to release gift cards before the holiday season comes around! I think it would be most profitable at this time of year. I cannot ask my family for oculus gift cards which is disappointing because Quest games are VERY expensive. When my family comes over, they love to play Beat Saber as a competition and always ask me where they can find gift cards for it online. It's sad having to turn them down because oculus doesn't support gift cards. Having gift cards from the holidays to go crazy with on the store could expand my library, and add some variety to the games we play at get-togethers. Is anyone in the same boat as I am? Thoughts?
  • PYXYPYXY Posts: 1
    Its a no brainer! Its christmas ffs! And I also heard of some people having issues where the visa gift cards they bought, didnt work! How do they expect to make money if people cant buy gift cards AND a visa gift card wont go through on their system? Honestly if i had known there were no gift cards for the Quest, I would have gone with another system that I can actually buy games for.
  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 3,041 Valuable Player
    The no-brainer right now is to just send a paypal  credit to their amount.  Really, how hard is this to do?  Like everything I'm sure someone will tell us how/why this does not work, lol!

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  • MythingLynxMythingLynx Posts: 10
    well TomCgcmfc, how’s this then, it doesn’t work for people like me who don’t have or no longer have a paypal account. I had my account suspended due to owing them too much money, so family and friends can’t send me money via paypal. An oculus gift card on the other hand would be most welcome and a perfect solution.
  • RagingAvatarRagingAvatar Posts: 17
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    My friend just bought a Quest. Games would be a great Christmas present..
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  • kojackkojack Posts: 7,054 Volunteer Moderator
    PYXY said:
    And I also heard of some people having issues where the visa gift cards they bought, didnt work!
    I've never tried with oculus, but I've found visa gift cards to be unreliable in general, especially for international use. Mastercard gift cards have worked where visa gift cards fail.

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