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Now you see them, now you don't!

WildWilleyWildWilley Posts: 2
My Go's went bad after the first week, the video was falling out but the sound was still there, so I took them back to exchange for a new set. While setting the new set up I noticed that I now had two pair showing up in the settings on my iphone app. I tried the reset thing and it didn't work, after a full day of tweaking I finally got it going except now I have no apps or games in my library. I show all my apps and games on my phone and on my pc but they are not where I need them. How do I get this all synced correctly? and is it because of the other goggles in my settings? if so, how do I fix it? Please help.
Thanking you in advance,
                           Michael Conger a.k.a. WildWilley
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