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Missing the music box in Medium 2.2

RobbenBRobbenB Posts: 2

I'm missing the music box in Medium 2.2 to stream music from my PC to the Rift. Has this feature been removed? Or how can I restore the music box? 



  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 227 Oculus Staff
    Hey @RobbenB, we have removed the speaker from the scene graph with 2.2. Now that users get Dash automatically, you can access your desktop virtually and pin your desktop to your space inside of any VR application. Pinning your desktop window inside of Medium while playing music on your computer will get spatial music originating from that desktop window while you sculpt. Having both Dash open and a speaker in Medium caused a double audio effect that was not easy to work around, so we took out the speaker in favor of the platform functionality. 
  • RobbenBRobbenB Posts: 2
    Thanks Jessica! Now I finally figured out what that pinning is for ;) Thats awesome!
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